Customizing plots

We now have a curve on our chart. Let's add a few more:

scala> val f2x = sigmoid(2.0*x)
f2x: breeze.linalg.DenseVector[Double] = DenseVector(3.353501304664E-4...

scala> val f10x = sigmoid(10.0*x)
f10x: breeze.linalg.DenseVector[Double] = DenseVector(4.24835425529E-18...

scala> plt += plot(x, f2x, name="S(2x)")
breeze.plot.Plot = breeze.plot.Plot@63d6a0f8

scala> plt += plot(x, f10x, name="S(10x)")
breeze.plot.Plot = breeze.plot.Plot@63d6a0f8

scala> fig.refresh()

Looking at the figure now, you should see all three curves in different colors. Notice that we named the data series as we added them to the plot, using the name="" keyword argument. To view the names, we must set the legend attribute:

scala> plt.legend = true

Our plot ...

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