Scale or Fail

Book description

Scaling a business is not for the faint of heart. It’s a mind-bending journey that causes millions of business owners around the globe to either throw in the towel—or avoid risk entirely and suffer from smallness and mediocrity.


Most of these businesses fail because they are ill prepared to face the real challenges involved in scaling. Either they don’t have the bandwidth to keep up with the sales demand or production, miss out on major opportunities due to fear, or keep making the same mistakes over and over because systems and processes aren’t in sync with the rate of growth.


To truly scale, you must upsize your strategic practices, implement new marketing strategies, find new ways to build your team, and expand your mindset to break through whatever is keeping you stuck at the same level. Then you must be willing to take the leap into the giant unknown – to make your impossible possible.

In Scale or Fail, author Allison Maslan—who has successfully scaled ten companies from scratch and has guided thousands of small businesses to do the same—shares her revolutionary SCALEit Method ® for successfully growing, replicating, and expanding your business. She also shares pivotal mindset strategies she’s used to break the fear barrier as a trapeze artist so you can move past any obstacle, take strategic Big Picture risks, and fulfill your dreams of business expansion and skyrocketing profit.


Featuring a wealth of real-life success stories, visual tools, and exercises that are prescriptive and inspirational, Scale or Fail offers proven scaling strategies and a proactive approach to:

  • Create your Big Picture Vision and build a plan to achieve it
  • Produce an ever-flowing stream of cash flow with consistent profits
  • Establish a powerhouse team that functions well without you
  • Become a true leader and feel like you deserve your success
  • Improve systems and processes that facilitate scaling
  • Get past the mental and strategic pitfalls that cause revenue bottlenecks
Scale or Fail is adaptable to any type of business—manufacturing, consumer goods, a brick and mortar, a digital service, a wholesaler, a consulting service, and everything in between. Whether you’re six figures and scaling to seven. . . or in the seven figures and scaling to eight or even nine, Scale or Fail provides the roadmap to multiply your business growth—and empower you to soar in the air with the greatest of ease.

Table of contents

  1. How This Book Is Different
  2. Foreword
  3. Introduction
    1. What Is Scaling, Exactly?
    2. Okay, I’ve Launched My Business – Now What?
    3. Time to Fly!
    4. The Five Components of SCALE
    5. Who I Am – And Why I Believe I Can Help You
    6. The Power Is Right at Your Fingertips
  4. 1 It All Starts with the First Leap
    1. My Story
    2. My Big Wake-up Call
    3. My Business Blueprints Are Born
    4. The Power of Failure
    5. What’s the Meaning Behind the Money?
  5. 2 Your Strategic Vision
    1. My Final Lesson from My Father
    2. Your Strategic Vision Starts with a Dream
    3. The SCALEit Method in Motion
    4. Your Big Picture Vision
    5. Big Picture Vision Exercise
    6. Vision Tools
    7. Take the Next Steps with Your Big Picture Vision
  6. 3 All Things Cash Flow
    1. The Day My Cash Flow Stopped
    2. The Truth About Cash Flow
    3. Know Your Numbers
    4. It’s All About the Sales
    5. Get a Credit Line
    6. Are You Ready to Scale?
    7. The Yellow Brick Roads to Scaling
    8. Your Business Blueprint: Marketing and Cash Flow
  7. 4 Alliance of the Team
    1. Christine’s Story of Letting Go and Leading
    2. Choose Your Super Power: The Four Quadrants
    3. Hiring Will Free You from the Weeds to the Trees
    4. Your Role as Leader of Your Company, Your Team, and Your Culture
    5. Note
  8. 5 Leading Your Vision
    1. Leaders Show the Way
    2. Decisions Followed by Perseverance Shape Destinies
    3. Listen Up!
    4. Yes, You Deserve Success
    5. Lead with Heart and Character
  9. 6 Executing the SCALEit Method
    1. How Melissa Systemized Her Business and Scaled to 40 Locations
    2. Your Day Is a Series of Investments
    3. Cashing In on Time
    4. Focus, Focus, Focus
    5. The Three Ps of Planning
    6. Working on the Business, Not in It
    7. How to Execute Your Roadmap
    8. Systemetize Everything
    9. Become Scaleable and Salesable
    10. The Systemizer
    11. GTP: Get to the Point
    12. Establishing Entrepreneurs Within Your Entrepreneurial Organization
    13. Inspect What You Expect
  10. 7 The Healthy and Wealthy CEO
    1. Not All Car Crashes Are Bad
    2. From the Rat Race to the Human Journey
    3. Your Personal Energy Bank
    4. Letting Go of Some of Your To Do’s
    5. Just Say “No”
    6. Life Is an Energy Mirror
    7. Get Out of the Fight and into the Flow
  11. 8 Money and Mindset
    1. My Story of Synchronicity and Faith
    2. Never Cash Out Early Due to Fear
    3. The Money Mindset: It’s Just Business
    4. A Mindset of Abundance
    5. What to Do with All That Money?
  12. Conclusion
    1. The Five Phases of Constructing a Self-Managed Company
    2. Principles Inherent to Scaling
    3. The SCALEit Method: Your Never-ending Mission
    4. Parting Words
  13. Putting the SCALEit Method into Action
  14. Acknowledgments
  15. About the Author
  16. Index
  17. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Scale or Fail
  • Author(s): Allison Maslan
  • Release date: October 2018
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119461012