Ian Alexander

This appendix offers some possible answers to the Exercises of Appendix 2. Given the very brief sketch of the system context, these can be no more than plausible suggestions—they are certainly not definitive. If you study the problems carefully you should be able to refine these answers and add more detail.

1. Mission

To maintain safe visibility through the windscreen(s).

More specifically: to clear rain, drizzle, snow, hail, or mud from the windscreen, quickly and reliably enough to maintain visibility, for all the car versions in all the expected climates.

2. Stakeholders


Functional Beneficiary

Stakeholder: Viewpoint:
Driver wants comfortable, safe, impressive car
Other Road User wants not to be injured (by drivers who can't see clearly)

Financial Beneficiary

Stakeholder: Viewpoint:
Board, Shareholder want to minimise risk; want good Return on Investment (RoI).

Political Beneficiary

Stakeholder: Viewpoint:
Global Marketing Director wants to show other board members that Global Marketing understands the market and deserves high position on board


Stakeholder: Viewpoint:
Product Manager wants new car versions rolled out on time, to budget


Stakeholder: Viewpoint:
Other Directors doubtful about Global Marketing
Environmental Activist wants to reduce pollution, off-road driving


Voluntary (Standardising)

Stakeholder: Viewpoint:
Auto Industry Standards ...

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