Chapter 35


*I am grateful to the Tata Central Archives and to the TIFR Archives for giving me access to the rare sources that have been cited in this chapter.

1. See Deepak Kumar, Science and the Raj, 1857–1905.

2. As a representative example of critical literature on the war years, see Jagdish N. Sinha, ‘Science and Culture Under Colonialism: India Between the World Wars’.

3. See, for example, Robert S. Anderson, Building Science Institutions in India: Saha and Bhabha.

4. For an account of the growth and development of the Institute, see B.V. Sreekantan, ‘Sixty Years of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, 1945–2005: The Role of Young Men in the Creation and Development of This Institute’.

5. G. Venkataraman, Bhabha and His Magnificent ...

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