Chapter 16. Even More Great Places to Get Links

In This Chapter

  • Syndicating articles

  • Using social networking sites

  • Working with social bookmarking sites

  • Watching for nofollow

Linking is incredibly important. The more great, keyworded links pointing to your site, the better. You can never have too many links, and for many sites, in particularly competitive areas, linking is a continual process that never ends.

So, let's get started discussing more great places to get links to your site.

Got Content? Syndicate It!

I discuss one aspect of syndication in Chapter 9 — using syndicated content to bulk up your Web site. Now, it's time to look at the flip side — syndicating your content to other Web sites and e-mail newsletters.


E-mail newsletters don't help your search engine position because search engines don't read them (although that could change at any time). However, most e-mail newsletters are placed into Web archives — that is, they become Web pages — that often are indexed by search engines. Furthermore, newsletter readers sometimes post articles from the newsletters on their sites or come directly to your site.

I recently searched Google for the term load vs. no load, and found the search results shown in Figure 16-1. The four entries I've pointed to in the figure are actually the same article — written by the same man and promoting the same Web site but appearing on different Web sites (none of them his, by the way). He also turns up several times for the term load vs. no load mutual ...

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