Chapter 20. Ten (Or So) Great Places to Shop

In This Chapter

  • The best stores for hair

  • The best stores for men's clothing

  • The best stores for women's clothing

Shopping is a huge part of Second Life (SL), and trying to contain it to a single list of ten is crazy. So, for your consumerism pleasure, we provide three lists for you of the best places in Second Life for hair, men's clothes, and women's clothes. Shop 'til your avatar drops!

The Top Ten Places to Shop for Hair

Finding a great hair stylist is tough in real life but in Second Life it doesn't have to be. We've done the footwork (or teleport work) for you and found some of the best hairstyles in the virtual world. In Second Life you can experiment with radically different hairstyles without worrying about whether you'll be hiding under a hat for the next few months thanks to a bad cut.

The Top Ten Places to Shop for Hair

For each listing we've provided you with the name of the store and the info you'll need to teleport to the store. Use the region name and coordinates to find each location using the world map. For more help using the map check Chapter 4.


We apologize that we, the authors, are the models throughout this chapter, but it was just too much fun to try on everything we found!


GurlyWood (110, 109, 22)

Gurl6 is a huge hair store for men and women. Be ready to be overwhelmed. If you take your time in this store, not only will you find great hairstyles ...

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