7. Podcasting: Adding Multimedia to Your Feeds

You’ve probably seen a POD button but what are podcasts and how are they tied to RSS?

As you may recall from Chapter 1, “Gotta Get My RSS,” podcasts revolve mainly around the <enclosure> element that was added to RSS in version 0.92. Your RSS file’s <enclosure> element is a URL pointing to a binary-file resource—such as sound, image, or video—on the Internet. You can record audio or video files as podcasts, and download them when you subscribe to a feed. You see more and more podcasts on the Internet these days, and all you have to do is subscribe to the feed when you see a podcast button (Figure 7.1).

Figure 7.1. Podcasts from CNN.

After you’ve subscribed to a podcast, what happens next is up to ...

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