Note: Page numbers followed by “f” and “t” refer to figures and tables, respectively.


Access attacks, 71
Access control, 65, 91, 120
challenges in, 40
context-aware, 131–132
device-based, 37–38
role-based, 38
threats to, 40–46
Access control list (ACL)-based systems, 38–39
Accountability, 70
Advanced encryption standard (AES), 72
AES-CTR block encryption, 74f, 84f
ANT, 3
Application–interface layer, 7, 13–14, 106–107
security threats and vulnerabilities in, 14t
security threats in, 13t, 45t
Application programming interfaces (APIs), 11, 104
Asymmetric protocols, 121
Attacks specific to IoT, 46–48
local attacks over WiFi, 48
physical access, 46–47
Attack techniques in IoT environment, 70–71
Authenticated authorization, ...

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