We are grateful to all the amazing folks who helped us produce this report. It would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of our authors and technical reviewers.

We’d like to take time to recognize the many contributing authors that contributed to each chapter by providing thoughtful input, content, and review:

  • Vladimir Wolstencroft

  • Sounil Yu

  • Kyle Erickson

  • James Wickett

  • Tim Dentry

  • Jerome Walter

  • Prima Virani

  • Yuri Nino

  • Kennedy Torkura

  • Jamie Dicken

  • Rob Duhart Jr.

  • David Lavezzo

  • Sue Allspaw Pomeroy


We’d also like thank the following reviewers for providing especially valuable feedback:

  • Bea Hughes

  • John Allspaw

  • James Burns

  • Randall Hanson

  • Quinn Shamblin

  • David Reese

  • Sean Poris

  • Will Gallego

  • Esteban Gutierrez

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