Chapter 21

Ten Alternative Closes

In This Chapter

arrow Helping your prospects come to a decision

arrow Closing the sale like a champion

After you master the closing strategies in Chapter 12 and are ready to move ahead, try these ten additional closes that have proven successful for myself and for others in sales.

The Wish-Ida Close

When you know what you’re offering is truly good for your prospective client, and your prospect has agreed but just doesn’t seem to want to make a decision, the Wish-Ida close is perfect. It’s lighthearted, yet it makes a valid point:

Everyone’s a member of the Wish-Ida Club. Wish Ida stayed in my first house and paid it off. Wish Ida invested in gold 20 years ago so I’d be rich today. Wish Ida grabbed a chance to gain an exclusive advantage. Wouldn’t it be great to get rid of at least one Wish Ida by saying yes to something you really want?

The Business-Productivity Close

When you’re marketing products or services to businesses, the business’s main concern is always going to be the bottom line and whether your product or service makes or saves them money. If your product does not clearly fall into one of those categories, the business-productivity close helps the prospect view the decision from a different perspective — that of having happier employees:

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