What to link to sendmail Build macro

A few different names need to be created to make sendmail easier to use. Shown in Table 2-7, they are created by symbolic links to the sendmail binary (except smtpd, which is not automatically linked).

Table 2-7. Symbolic links to sendmail




Print persistent host status.


Display the queue.


Initialize alias database.


Purge persistent host status.


Run as a daemon.

The names and locations of these links are defined with the confLINKS macro. The default values are:

${UBINDIR}/newaliases ${UBINDIR}/mailq ${UBINDIR}/hoststat ${UBINDIR}/purgestat

Here, ${UBINDIR} is separately defined with the confUBINDIR macro (confUBINDIR on page 100). For example, if you wished to put all the links in /usr/local/bin and wanted to add smtpd to the list, you could do this:

define(`confUBINDIR', `/usr/local/bin')
APPENDDEF(`confLINKS', `${UBINDIR}/smptd')

But be forewarned that if you put the links in a new location, you should probably also remove the old links from the former default location. Also note that -E DESTDIR (DESTDIR= on page 349) can be used to relocate all installation directories.

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