makemap Command-Line Switches

The command-line switches for makemap must precede the dbtype and the outfile:

makemap switches dbtype outfile

Switches are single characters, prefixed with a - character. Switches can also be combined:

-N -o      ← good
-No        ← also good

The complete list of switches is shown in Table 10-6. (See getopt(3) for additional information about the way switches are handled.)

Table 10-6. makemap program’s switches





-c on page 372

Set the cache size for hash and btree.


-C on page 372

Use an alternative sendmail configuration file.


-d on page 372

Allow duplicate keys in database.


-D on page 373

Define alternative to # as comment character (V8.13 and above).


-e on page 373

Allow empty data for keys.


-f on page 374

Don’t fold uppercase to lowercase.


-l (lowercase L) on page 374

List database types supported.


-N on page 374

Append a null byte to all keys.


-o on page 374

Append to, don’t overwrite the file.


-r on page 374

Replace (silently) duplicate keys.


-s on page 375

Skip security checks.


-t on page 375

Specify an alternative to whitespace for a delimiter.


-u on page 376

Unmake (dump) the contents of a database.


-v on page 376

Watch keys and data being added.

In the following sections, we describe each switch in detail.


Set the cache size for hash and btree makemap command-line switch

The -c switch instructs makemap to set the cache size for hash or btree databases ...

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