syslog’s Output

When the LogLevel option level is 9 or above (LogLevel on page 1040), sendmail logs one line of information for each envelope sender and one line of information for each recipient delivery or deferral. As sendmail has evolved, these lines of logging information have grown more complex. Here, we discuss the lines produced by sendmail 8.12.

Each line of information logged looks something like this:

date host sendmail[pid]: qid: what=value, ...

Each line of output that syslog produces begins with five pieces of information. The date is the month, day, and time that the line of information was logged.[222] The host is the name of the host that produced this information (note that this can differ from the name of the host on which the logfiles are kept).[223] The sendmail (or whatever you specified with the -L command-line switch) is literal. Because of the LOG_PID argument that is given to openlog(3) by sendmail (syslog(3) on page 514), the PID of the invocation of sendmail that produced this information is included in square brackets. Finally, each line includes the qid queue identifier (The Queue Identifier on page 396) that uniquely identifies each message on a given host.

This initial information is followed by a comma-separated list of what=value equates. Which syslog equate appears in which line depends on whether the line documents the sender or the recipient and whether delivery succeeded, failed, or was deferred.

Table 14-4, we list the possibilities in alphabetical ...

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