Chapter 24. The O (Options) Configuration Command

Options affect the operation of the sendmail program. Options can be specified in the command line, in the file, and in the mc configuration file.

Most options are preset in your file in a way that is likely to be appropriate for your site. But some sites, especially those that have high mail loads or are connected to many different networks, will need to tune options for their unique needs.

What’s New with V8.13

V8.13 sendmail has modified 12 existing options and introduced 6 new ones.

  • The existing AuthOption option (24.9.6[3ed]) now has a new m flag (Section 24.1.1 [V8.13]) that requires sendmail to use mechanisms that support mutual authentication.

  • The existing ConnectionCacheSize and ConnectionCacheTimeout options now affect delivery agents that use P=[LPC] for delivery (Section 24.1.2 [V8.13]).

  • The existing CheckpointInterval option (24.9.13[3ed]) can no longer have its value raised on the command line by nontrusted users (Section 24.1.3 [V8.13]).

  • The existing DaemonPortOptions (24.9.24[3ed]) option’s new InputMailFilters= equate allows you to specify which Milters should processes arriving mail on each listening port (Section 24.1.4 [V8.13]).

  • The existing DaemonPortOptions (24.9.24[3ed]) option’s existing Modifiers= equate offers a new modifier s that tells sendmail to use SMTP over SSL (Section 24.1.5 [V8.13]).

  • The existing ErrorMode (24.9.44[3ed]) option’s write mode has been deprecated and removed ( ...

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