Tuning and Scaling SharePoint Service Applications

SharePoint 2010 introduced more flexible services that can be shared between farms. These applications are called SharePoint Service Applications (SSAs). SSAs are applications that are installed on a server farm and perform some specific function or functions. The unique thing about the SSAs is that they can be configured for a specific farm. SharePoint 2010 offers a plethora of service applications, as shown in Figure 28-1.



As a result, they assist in scaling your farm and handling larger loads. They are also flexible and offer richer development features. This lesson focuses on three main Business Intelligence SSAs: PerformancePoint, Excel Services, and PowerPivot Services. We explain how the concept of SSAs allows each to scale across and on server farms to assist in improving the performance of your SharePoint installation.


As you create and implement more Business Intelligence, it is likely that your end users will continue to request and/or create more PerformancePoint content. As a result, you may notice some degradation in the performance of your BI sites. To mitigate this problem, all you need to do is create another PerformancePoint Service Application. Once the application is created, you can associate your various BI sites to a specific PerformancePoint Service Application. ...

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