Preparing Your Business Intelligence Implementation

This lesson introduces the common planning steps and hopefully helps you avoid the missteps many organizations face when launching their first forays into SharePoint. It covers infrastructure, licensing, planning, and other concerns. This lesson will help you when you reach the final lesson and begin working through your SharePoint Project checklists.


Infrastructure is obviously a major concern for those implementing SharePoint. It used to be that you could implement MOSS 2003 or 2007 on a small server and leave it alone. The challenge now is that SharePoint has become a broader, more complicated product, as shown in Figure 30-1.

These new areas make infrastructure a more complicated decision. You've already learned about how prototyping will drive your initial infrastructure, but now we're talking about the real production implementation. You have several areas to consider:

  • Web Applications — These web applications are the websites that the users will log in to. This is the first layer of scale out that you will typically implement. This will enable you to scale out web servers to handle different web applications, such as Finance Dashboard and Reports, Marketing Analysis, and so on. These web applications will get a lot of traffic and do a lot of work rendering pages, but they don't do the application heavy lifting. This is done by the service applications. A well-balanced group of web front-ends ...

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