Shoot on Location

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You have a strong vision for how your movie should look, but how do you find the perfect spot to shoot and how do you organize the complex logistics of such a shoot once you find that perfect location? In this comprehensive guide, industry veteran Kathy M. McCurdy provides everything you need to know to get out on location-from how to break down the script, public relations tips for successful location scouting, negotiating with property owners, permitting on public property, how to handle complaints, and even where to put the very unattractive port-a-potties. It also includes samples of all the different forms and contracts you'll need and breaks down everything from where to park the trucks to when you need police on the set. Filled with real-life examples and actual filming situations, Shoot on Location provides everything you need to know from scouting through the wrap. Delivers the universal step-by-step process for managing location shoots using industry standard guidelines and real-life examples from actual filming situations. Includes samples of all of the legal forms and contract necessary for shooting off the lot and covers everything from script breakdown, negotiation with property owners, and even where to put the porta-potties. Loaded with real tips and how-to's for every level of scouting, shooting, and wrapping-up.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Full Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
  7. Chapter 1 You Don't Make Your Movie in a Bubble!
    1. Locations Are Characters
    2. The Bubble Effect
    3. What's the Big Deal?
    4. The Bubble Versus Public Perception
      1. To Understand the Bubble Effect, Remember
  8. Chapter 2 The Business of Show Biz
    1. You Are Your Company
    2. The Business License
    3. Your Business Structure
    4. Marketing You and Your Company
    5. Liablity and Insurance
    6. Demystify Guerilla Filmmaking
    7. Insurance: Get Competitive Bids
    8. The Permit Process
    9. Letter of Intent
    10. Ownership: Get It in Writing
    11. Deliverables
    12. Waivers, Releases, and Contracts
    13. Release Forms
      1. In the Business of Show Biz, Remember
  9. Chapter 3 The Breakdown: Analyzing the Script
    1. Deconstructing the Script
    2. The Breakdown Sheet
    3. Elements on the Breakdown Sheet
    4. Organizing by Location: Creating a Location List
      1. To Breakdown the Script, Remember to
  10. Chapter 4 Before You Scout
    1. How Budget Affects Location Scouting
    2. How Insurance Affects Location Scouting
    3. Private Property Versus Public Property
    4. Meet Your Creative Team
    5. Prepare to Scout: Keep It Close to Home
    6. Start with What You Know
    7. Tricks and Tools
    8. Be professional: You Are Selling Door to Door
      1. Before You Go Out Scouting, Remember to
  11. Chapter 5 Your Kodak Moments
    1. Location Photos: Polaroid, Film, Digital-What Next?
    2. Shooting Panoramas or Not?
    3. To Pan or Not to Pan
    4. Aesthetics Versus Logistics
    5. Digital Cameras
    6. Digital Delivery Methods
    7. Location Photo Presentations
    8. Ethics and Safety in the Wild
    9. Location Scouting Kit
      1. When Taking Location Photos, Remember
  12. Chapter 6 I'm Not Lost: I'm Location Scouting
    1. Cold Scouting
    2. Communication Skills
    3. Make Contact, Stay Current, and Don't Assume
    4. The Pitch
    5. Who's the Owner?
    6. I Can't Find the Owner!
    7. Know Your Location Environment
    8. The Location Scout Checklist
    9. Plan B or Plan C or Plan D...
    10. How to Marry Your Locations
    11. Create Your Zone
    12. How to Handle "No"
    13. Scouting Safety and Post-9/11 Paranoia
    14. Location Professionals
      1. When Scouting Locations, Remember
  13. Chapter 7 Before You Shoot
    1. Location Logistics
    2. What Do Locations Cost?
    3. Prep and Strike Days
    4. Location Contracts
    5. Where Do I Park the Circus?
    6. How Do I Find a Base Camp?
    7. Tents, Toilets, and Trash
    8. Parking Permits
    9. The All-Important Neighborhood Notification Letter
    10. The Absolutely Essential Technical Scout
      1. Before You Shoot, Remember to
  14. Chapter 8 Shoot and Wrap
    1. Shoot Checklist Inventory
    2. Crew Maps and Directional Signs
    3. First One on the Set
    4. TLC: Tender Loving Care
    5. Leap-Frogging
    6. Why Production Assistants Are Important
    7. Troubleshooting on the Set
    8. The Wrap
    9. Repair, Replace, and Restore
    10. Never Burn a Location
    11. Thank-You Notes and Gift Baskets
    12. Why You Need a Location Manager
      1. During the Shoot and Wrap, Remember to
  15. Chapter 9 Film Commissions and Location Incentives
    1. AFCI Film Commission Free Services
    2. Movie-Induced Tourism Is the Bonus
    3. What If You're on a Small, Low-Budget Project?
    4. Locations Around the World
    5. Film Incentives Abound Around the World
    6. FLICS: Film Liaisons in California Statewide
      1. When Deciding Where to Shoot, Remember to
  16. Chapter 10 Student Filmmaker's "411"
    1. High School Students
    2. University Film Programs
    3. Student Filmmakers' Book Camp
    4. Call Your Local Film Commission
    5. Do Students Need Insurance?
    6. Where Do I Start Location Scouting?
    7. Every Inch of Land Is Owned by Someone
    8. Big City Blues
    9. Film Crews Always Create Public Impact
    10. Know the Power of Public Perception
    11. Neighborhood Notifications and Signage
    12. Post-9/11 Paranoia
    13. Where Do I Park the Circus?
    14. When Do I Need Police or the Fire Marshal?
    15. Can I Use Children in My Movie?
    16. What Paperwork Do I Need People to Sign?
    17. Code of Conduct
      1. As a Student Filmmaker, Remember
  17. Index

Product information

  • Title: Shoot on Location
  • Author(s): Kathy M. McCurdy
  • Release date: November 2012
  • Publisher(s): Routledge
  • ISBN: 9781136040818