Chapter 2

Selected FAQs on Using GnuPG

Bob reads from Sam Mallory’s FAQ on using GnuPG:

2.1 Why Use GnuPG

GnuPG is Free software with a capital “F”, which means not only is the program free to download and share, but the source code is also free to download, use and modify. Free software licenses basically say “Do whatever you like with this program--use it, share it, modify it, add to it and fix it, even publish your modifications--as long as you don’t change the license agreement.” In other words, feel free to add new features to GnuPG and publish them, but you’ve got to use the same license and allow others to add new features to your version of GnuPG and publish them too.

The original PGP was freeware: that meant it was free to download the ...

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