Chapter 4. Define Phase of the DMAIC Model


4.1 Activate the Six Sigma Project Team

4.2 Structure of the Define Phase

4.3 Prepare the Project Charter

4.4 Conduct an SIPOC Analysis

4.5 Perform a Voice of the Customer Analysis

4.6 Finalize the Project Objective

4.7 Champion and Process Owner Tollgate Reviews

4.8 Presidential Tollgate Reviews

4.9 Define Phase Tollgate Review Checklist


After reading this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Activate a Six Sigma project

  • Prepare a business case for a Six Sigma project

  • Conduct an SIPOC analysis

  • Conduct a Voice of the Customer analysis

  • Construct a Six Sigma project charter

  • Conduct a tollgate review of the Define phase

  • Get sign-off for a Six Sigma project from the champion and the process owner ...

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