Acrobat, 68-69
Active Desk, 309-311
Actors, theatrical sketching in design, 269
Addressable market, cost relationship, 62, 65
genesis of desktop applications, 68-70
legacy products, 208
mergers and acquisitions, 69-71
Airline ticket kiosk, Wizard of Oz technique, 241
importance in design, 115-119
sketches, 113
Amelio, Gil, 41
flip-book animation, 298-301
miming, 309
picture-driven animation, 305-306
rectangle scaling with fingers one finger, 302-303
two fingers, 303-304
simplicity in interaction sketching, 299
applications, 175
audio, 177
commercial systems, 180-181
critic perspective, 174-175
designer perspective, 174
dynamic media, 175-178
three-dimensional digital models, 181-185
videogame production, ...

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