Chapter 6. SLO Implementation Case Studies

Google’s Customer Reliability Engineering (CRE) team helps Google Cloud Platform customers implement the SRE model of service management. Underlying all SRE practices is the concept that organizations should establish reliability metrics that align with business objectives. The CRE team—comprised of experienced SREs—partners with customers to develop SLOs that reflect the customers’ goals and effectively measure the reliability of their services.

SLOs and SLIs are powerful business tools because they give organizations a framework for quantifying reliability. The insights revealed by SLOs and SLIs allow organizations to make data-driven decisions about their services. In this chapter, we tell the story of how two very different companies—Schlumberger Limited and Evernote—implemented SLOs and used the insights gained to better manage their businesses and serve their customers.

Schlumberger’s SLO Journey

Schlumberger Limited is a leading provider of technology for the oil and gas industry. The company provides customers with an innovative collaboration environment—called the DELFI cognitive exploration and production environment—that combines domain expertise and digital technologies to enable a new approach to planning and operating assets across exploration, development, production, and midstream. Schlumberger delivers DELFI via a SaaS subscription model.

The DELFI environment leverages digital technologies, including ...

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