Chapter 4

Fashioning a Fantastic Facebook Profile

In This Chapter

• Before starting your Facebook design, check out what other Facebook users do.

• Understand Facebook design rules so you can creatively exploit them.

• You, too, can design your own Facebook Profile.

• The last step is uploading your Profile and cover photos for everyone to see.


Facebook is the unquestioned 800-pound gorilla of the social media world. A key part of making a good first impression on Facebook is creating a great Profile design.

Our goal with this chapter is to inspire you with a collection of Facebook Profile designs that are beautiful, provocative, playful, or just well-played — and then guide you through the process of creating a design that fits your personality or whatever message you want to convey on Facebook.

For example, in the playful design shown in Figure 4-1, Mohammad L. Azzam ( makes it appear that he’s holding a lollipop just out of his own reach. Designs like this one are created by combining two photographs, each uploaded separately, but carefully positioned to work together on Facebook. You find instructions for how to create your own Profile design at the end of this chapter.


Figure 4-1

Mohammad L. Azzam (

You can download ...

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