APAC. See Asia-Pacific Region

Argumentation, 29–30

ASEAN. See Association of Southeast Asian Nations

Asia-Pacific Region (APAC), 80

Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), 80

Behavior and customer citizenship, 14

Being responsive, 52

Blogs, 24–25

Brands, 61–64

CGA. See Consumer-generated ads

Co-creation for others, 14–15

Co-creation for use, 14–15

Collaborative behaviors, 32–44

Communicating factor, 70

Community development, 38–39

Connecting factor, 70–71


attitude in CGC, 31–32

co-creation for others, 14–15

co-creation for use, 14–15

definition, 7–8

production process, 15

trust, 58–59

Consumer-created information, 52

Consumer engagement, 48–50

Consumer-generated ads (CGA), 61

Consumer-generated content (CGC)

best practices, ...

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