Chapter 16Organize Internal Content for Easy Access by Your Sales Force

If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself.

—Albert Einstein

All the foundational work we did in Chapter 15 leads to the simplicity of designing your content library for sales professionals. I can't stress this enough: Keep it simple. You may already have a content library or three, depending on your company's size, but that doesn't mean they're effective. In fact, in most organizations we consult, the content library looks like an old, dusty filing cabinet in some remote bomb bunker, stuffed with details of the Cold War. I know your digital library can't literally get dusty, but you know in your heart if your sales professionals are leveraging the library as a pillar sales stack tool. When I mean pillar, I mean it's open every day with the other pillar tools: CRM, email, Google, LinkedIn.

I'm not being facetious. At Sales for Life, our resource library (which is both a client-facing and internal library for sharing insights with a buyer, available at is used many times a day per sales professional.

A screenshot image depicting a page of social selling resources library of Sales for Life.

We believe our library is the definitive cataloging system for the world's best social selling information. Back to our intellectual property analogy with insights, we really do see our resource library as intellectual property. If a company copies ...

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