Software Configuration Management: A Clear Case for IBM Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest UCM

Book description

This IBM Redbook describes configuration management in general and how it is implemented in the Rational products ClearCase and ClearQuest. The target audience for this redbook is anyone considering a software configuration management (SCM) solution, and in particular, project managers and configuration management leaders responsible for medium and large UCM deployments.

In Part 1 we introduce the general concept of software configuration management (SCM), and why software asset and lifecycle management is good business. We describe an SCM strategy that leads to the ClearCase and ClearQuest products.

In Part 2 we provide the details for planning and implementing SCM using a ClearCase environment, focusing on the test environment, network, servers, and clients.

In Part 3 we introduce ClearQuest, its terminology, the roles and responsibilities of the different types of users, and the infrastructure required for a UCM environment. We also provide the details for planning and implementing ClearQuest.

In Part 4 we introduce unified change management (UCM) using ClearCase UCM and ClearQuest, including design considerations for an effective UCM implementation, and how UCM is used to manage complexity by raising the level of abstraction.

In Part 5 we describe how to do parallel development in multiple geographical locations using ClearCase and ClearQuest MultiSite, including detailed procedures for planning and implementing MultiSite for a UCM environment.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Preface
  3. Introduction to SCM
    1. The quest for software lifecycle management
      1. Stories from the wild
      2. Software asset management
      3. Better software configuration management means better business
      4. Seven keys to improving business value
      5. Good SCM is good business
    2. Choosing the right SCM strategy
      1. The questions
      2. A version control strategy
      3. A configuration control strategy
      4. A process management strategy
      5. A problem tracking strategy
    3. Why ClearCase and ClearQuest
      1. Introduction
      2. IBM Rational Team Unifying Platform
    4. Mapping and terminology of the IBM Rational product set
      1. Mapping of the IBM Rational product set to SCM areas
      2. Terminology
    5. Planning for software configuration management
      1. Planning for ClearCase and ClearQuest
      2. Writing an SCM plan
      3. Rules for the road
      4. Roadmap
      5. Strategies for getting started
  4. Implementing ClearCase
    1. Planning for ClearCase
      1. Roles and responsibilities
      2. ClearCase environment overview
      3. Define your SCM infrastructure
      4. Administration and maintenance
      5. Sources of information
    2. Setting up ClearCase
      1. Start now
      2. Setting up a playground environment
      3. Setting up your environment
      4. Setting up ClearCase
      5. Servers first
      6. Clients
      7. Backup and recovery
      8. Migrating code into ClearCase
      9. Get help
  5. Implementing ClearQuest for UCM
    1. Planning for ClearQuest
      1. Background
      2. Roles and responsibilities in ClearQuest
      3. ClearQuest infrastructure
      4. Planning the infrastructure
      5. Planning the process
      6. Planning the installation
      7. Sources of information
    2. Setting up ClearQuest
      1. Plan your environment
      2. Have a test environment
      3. Database server
      4. Installation
      5. Rollout to users
      6. Successful rollouts
  6. Implementing Unified Change Management
    1. Implementing UCM
      1. UCM background
      2. UCM design overview
      3. UCM configuration component design
      4. UCM project design
      5. UCM stream design
      6. Physical VOB definition
      7. Baseline naming conventions
      8. Integrating ClearQuest with UCM
      9. UCM watch list of common design problems
      10. UCM infrastructure
      11. Administrative considerations for UCM
      12. Getting started: setting up a UCM playground
      13. Additional information
    2. Managing complexity
      1. Building software is not like building bridges
      2. Using components to manage complexity
  7. Implementing distributed UCM with MultiSite
    1. Planning for distributed development using MultiSite
      1. MultiSite background
      2. MultiSite infrastructure overview
      3. Hardware requirements for MultiSite
      4. Software upgrade requirements
      5. Software licensing requirements
      6. Establishing connectivity between sites
      7. Automating replication
      8. Extending the CM organization
      9. Using MultiSite for disaster recovery
      10. MultiSite planning
      11. Profile and qualify the remote site
      12. Detailed planning and infrastructure acquisition
      13. MultiSite rollout plan
      14. Information references
    2. Setting up the distributed development environment
      1. Set up the MultiSite test environment
      2. Establish MultiSite administration processes
      3. Practice
      4. Set up the production environment
      5. Rollout process
      6. A successful rollout story
    3. Implementing MultiSite
      1. MultiSite design overview
      2. Physical repository design
      3. Managing replication
      4. Managing mastership in UCM/ClearCase
      5. Usage models for distributed development
      6. Managing mastership in ClearQuest
      7. Getting started: Setting up a MultiSite playground
      8. Information references
  8. Appendixes
    1. Sample SCM plan template
      1. Software configuration management plan
    2. Base ClearCase quick guide
      1. Base ClearCase quick guide
    3. ClearCase administration directory files
      1. Introduction and disclaimer
      2. Special files
      3. Administrative files by directory
    4. Creating ClearQuest parent-child linked records
      1. Process
    5. WebSphere Studio and Eclipse integration best practices
      1. Best practices for using ClearCase and ClearQuest with Studio or Eclipse
    6. Additional material
      1. Locating the Web material
      2. Using the Web material
    7. Abbreviations and acronyms
    8. Related publications
      1. IBM Redbooks
      2. Other publications
      3. Online resources
      4. How to get IBM Redbooks
      5. Help from IBM
  9. Back cover
  10. Index

Product information

  • Title: Software Configuration Management: A Clear Case for IBM Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest UCM
  • Author(s): IBM Redbooks
  • Release date: December 2004
  • Publisher(s): IBM Redbooks
  • ISBN: 0738491594