Software Project Estimation: Intelligent Forecasting, Project Control, and Client Relationship Management

Book description

In Software Project Estimation, author Dimitre Dimitrov extrapolates upon the most crucial steps in accurately and meaningfully forecasting the timeline and specs of promised deliverables to clients. A client’s positive experience with project delivery and implementation is a software organization’s calling card in the industry. The lifespan of a software project—from ideation to final installation—introduces dozens of potential pitfalls for a company’s track record, earnings, and overall team morale. However, these “pitfalls” are also opportunities to showcase strengths and to improve an organization’s product quality, and it all starts with project estimation.

Reliable forecasting continues to present a challenge to even the most veteran teams and software development organizations. Dimitrov sets out to ease these common difficulties with invaluable methodology improvements and helpful visuals from his years of industry experience. Project managers—through harnessing the power of hard data and statistics—have a new world of impactful forecasting at their fingertips. This approach brings security, predictability, and motivation within the team, while simultaneously greatly benefiting client trust and relationships.

Software Project Estimation clarifies the common misunderstandings that materialize between making a promise, making a plan, and building a forecast backed by data. Learn how to create an intelligent software project forecast and use it to make timely decisions, apply measured project control, and confidently steer your ship toward your goals with Software Project Estimation.

What You Will Learn

  • Concepts related to software estimation, forecasting, and project control
  • Ways in which you can positively affect the relationships among team members working on a software delivery project
  • How to apply this forecasting model, within both agile and waterfall teams who have adopted sound engineering practices

Who This Book is For

This book is directly relevant to the roles of scrum masters and project managers, and provides practical tools for intelligent project control. The book is also valuable for business people who want insight into the type of problems that delivery teams face, and for programmers and other delivery team members who want to gain an understanding of the project manager’s day-to-day challenges.

Product information

  • Title: Software Project Estimation: Intelligent Forecasting, Project Control, and Client Relationship Management
  • Author(s): Dimitre Dimitrov
  • Release date: August 2019
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781484250259