“4+1” viewpoint set (Krutchen), 621–622



care and precision in the use of, 189

facilitating change, 555

in IAF (Integrated Architecture Framework), 627

as modeling skill, 179

in SEI viewpoint catalog, 625

using for precision, 205

validation of, 218

Acceptance criteria, in process outcomes, 87

Access control

authentication. See Authentication

authorization. See Authorization

ensuring information secrecy, 460

insider threats and, 469–470

principles, 456–458

resources and, 440

security policies and, 449

Accessibility perspective

activities, 570–571

applicability to views, 569–570

architectural tactics, 571–572

concerns, 570

defined, 568

desired quality, 438

further reading, 572–573

overview of, 568–569

problems and pitfalls, ...

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