2. Managing Storage Pools

ZFS storage pools are the basis of the ZFS system. In this chapter, I cover the basic concepts, configurations, and administrative tasks of ZFS pools. In Chapter 5, I cover advanced configuration topics in ZFS pool administration.

The zpool command manages ZFS storage pools. The zpool command creates, modifies, and destroys ZFS pools.

Redundant configurations supported in ZFS are mirror (RAID-1), RAID-Z (similar to RAID-5), and RAID-Z2 with a double parity (similar to RAID-6). All traditional RAID-5-like algorithms (RAID-4, RAID-6, RDP, and EVEN-ODD, for example) suffer from a problem known as the RAID-5 write hole. If only part of a RAID-5 stripe is written and power is lost before all blocks have made it to disk, ...

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