Appendix B. Tools, Options


  • System Options

  • Document Properties

A program with the complexity of SolidWorks is going to have a lot of settings. You can access most of these settings in the Tools

Tools, Options

In this appendix, the star icon denotes features that are new in SolidWorks 2009, and the rabbit icon denotes features that affect performance. Be aware that from version to version, the options may change names, change locations or be removed altogether. I have not documented settings that have been moved or removed.

System Options

System Options apply only to your local computer, but they apply to every document that you open. The settings are not saved with the files, so be aware that when changing the System Options, other users on different computers will not necessarily see things the way that you see them.

Settings that are saved with the file and used on other computers are called Document Properties, and are discussed later in this appendix.

General Settings Page

The General System Options are for items that affect all of the software. One of the most used settings on this page is showing the dimension names, but several others are important. Figure B.1 shows the list of options on this page.

The System Options General page

Figure B.1. The System Options General page

  • Open last used document(s) at startup: The ...

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