Appendix A. Online Help Resources

As a CAD Administrator, one of the most valuable commodities you have is information. The Internet is a wealth of easily searchable information, but it can also be information overload if you don't have a guide to help make sense of it all.

The resources listed here all are of some value to CAD Administrators, and in particular SolidWorks Administrators. I encourage you to browse through the resources, sign up for membership in various forums, and participate in any available social media that seems relevant to you.

Accessing the SolidWorks Customer Portal

The Customer Portal (see Figure A.1) has several areas of use to end users and SolidWorks Administrators alike. This area of the SolidWorks Web site requires a valid login. Some areas of the portal are available to everyone, and other areas are only available to customers with valid subscription service. You can access the SolidWorks Customer Portal at

The SolidWorks Customer Portal home page

Figure A.1. The SolidWorks Customer Portal home page

The Customer Portal was used to research topics for this and my other books, as well as blog articles and general SolidWorks information.

Here are some of the options ...

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