Chapter 9. Stopping Viruses, Spam, and Other Security Threats

In this chapter

Why Should You Care About E-mail Security? 258

Blocking E-mail Viruses 259

Stopping Spam and Other Unwanted E-mail 263

Protecting Your Privacy 269

Disabling HTML-Based E-mail 271

Troubleshooting 272

Why Should You Care About E-mail Security?

It’s a dangerous world out there. Every time you check for new e-mail messages, you run the risk that a hostile intruder will try to take over your computer, steal your identity, or invade your privacy.

An entire software industry has sprung up to defend Internet users against outside attackers—antivirus and software, personal firewalls, and spam-blocking solutions, for instance. Outlook 2003 includes an assortment of features that ...

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