6 Casting the Appliances

Key Points

  • Understanding silicone (continued)
  • Coloring silicone intrinsically (internally) for translucence
  • Color Theory
  • Gel-filled appliances, filling the mold, and removing the appliance
  • Foam latex and its properties
  • Running foam latex
  • Casting urethane (cold) foam
  • Casting gelatin and foamed gelatin
  • Casting dental acrylic
  • Painting and seaming (cleaning up) appliances and teeth


This chapter describes the methods for creating prosthetics using silicone, foam latex, foam urethane, gelatin and foamed gelatin, and dental acrylic. Rather than make a laundry list of materials needed to cast prosthetic appliances, I will add the list of materials specific to a particular type of appliance, such ...

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