Chapter 5. Deriving scope from goals

The F-16 Fighting Falcon is arguably the most successful jet fighter ever designed. This is all the more remarkable because it succeeded against all odds. In the 70s, when the F-16 was designed, jet fighters had to be built for speed; range, weaponry, and maneuverability were of little importance to get a production contract.[1] Yet it was the range and maneuverability of the F-16 that made it ideal for its role in combat and ensured its success.

1 See Kev Darling’s book F-16 Fighting Falcon (Combat Legend) (Crowood Press, 2005).

In 97 Things Every Architect Should Know,[2] Einar Landre quotes Harry Hillaker, the lead designer of the F-16, saying that the original requirement for the aircraft was that ...

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