© Benjamin Weissman and Enrico van de Laar 2019
B. Weissman, E. van de LaarSQL Server Big Data Clusters https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-5110-2_4

4. Loading Data into Big Data Clusters

Benjamin Weissman1  and Enrico van de Laar2
Nurnberg, Germany
Drachten, The Netherlands

With our first SQL Server Big Data Cluster in place, we should have a look at how we can actually use it. Therefore, we will start by adding some data to it.

Using Azure Data Studio to Work with Big Data Clusters

As part of Microsoft’s SQL Client tool strategy, it may not surprise you that most of the tasks necessary to work with a Big Data Cluster are achieved through Azure Data Studio (ADS) rather than SQL Server Management Studio or other tools. For those of you who are ...

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