Chapter 11

Creating Content with Content Blocks

In This Chapter

arrow Finding out about content blocks

arrow Creating advanced forms

arrow Spacing apart and dividing content

Content blocks are individual containers you use to add content on your pages. The three categories of blocks are content, structure, and social — as explored in Chapter 10. This chapter focuses on a group of content blocks that you use to add non-multimedia content, specifically text, code, forms, links, and products.

Some of these blocks are simple and straightforward. You’ll easily understand what you can use them for and how they work. Other blocks are more robust, with customizable settings, and may require a little more effort to understand.

With the exception of form and product blocks, all blocks in this and the following three chapters are available with all pricing plans. If you need to review how to add, remove, and rearrange blocks on your pages, see Chapter 10.

Understanding Content Blocks

You use content blocks to add your own content to site pages, forming the style and personality of your site. Content blocks come in a variety of options from plain text blocks to robust galleries of images.

Following is a ...

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