Chapter 6

Setting Up Shop: Creating Your Etsy Storefront


Bullet Setting up your shop

Bullet Adding a banner and shop icon

Bullet Composing your shop title and announcement

Bullet Sharing shop info and editing your shop settings

If you want to join the ranks of people who supplement their income or earn their living on Etsy, you need to take one important step: Set up your Etsy shop. Fortunately, doing so is a snap, as you discover in this chapter.

You can personalize your Etsy shop in a few different ways: by adding a banner, selecting a shop icon, and including a shop title and a shop announcement. You can also personalize your shop by populating your public profile (discussed in Chapter 2) and your shop’s About section.

Remember One major reason people shop on Etsy is to feel connected to the creative types who design or make what they buy. To make sure people buy from you, you want your Etsy shop — and the items you list there — to reflect your personality. Whether you’re serious or whimsical, modern ...

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