Chapter 18. Planning Your Next Project

In This Chapter

  • Building your brand

  • Keeping ideas for future applications

  • Considering partnerships and joint ventures

  • Promoting new ventures inside your application

  • Surveying your existing customers

  • Planning your next step

When you conceive, develop, post, and market your first application, you definitely gain an appreciation for the entire application development process. After you complete the cycle, the question you may ask yourself is, "What's next?"

If you are like many who have had success in the App Store, your mind has already been contemplating your next effort. At this point, you have the infrastructure in place and you have familiarity with getting an app off the ground. Now your challenge is to learn from past mistakes and make your next offering even better, or translate the momentum of a recent success into a business model. You'll probably do a combination of both. First, you'll need to think in broader terms.

Building Your Brand

Your company's brand identity is the foundation of the story you tell to new investors, partners, the media, and your customers. If you followed our advice in chapter 5, you've built a brand identity for your company as well as your app. If not, now is the time to start.

If you haven't yet invested in the process of envisioning and developing your company, you can start by identifying the unique attributes of your current app in relation to your overall vision. Think of it as the first piece in a puzzle you are ...

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