Highest Bidder Takes All with Auction Sites

Online auction houses have certainly proven themselves to have a viable revenue model. Admittedly, eBay has garnered the lion's share of the attention (which Book VIII, Chapter 4 covers). But several other auction sites can produce strong results for you. Some of the eBay competitors on that growing list include

  • Bonanza (www.bonanza.com): You may recognize this eBay alternative, shown in Figure 5-1, by its former name, Bonanzle. This site has changed its name and joined forces with another up-and-coming site, 1000Markets. Today, Bonanza offers sellers a wider audience (approximately 3 million different visitors every month!) and a marketplace with a large variety of products and categories, and a host of advanced features. Some of its more popular features are image cropping and the capability to import items you have listed on eBay or Etsy. And the price to list items for sale on Bonanza, along with as many photos as you like? Free. A modest Final Offer Value (FOV) fee of 3.5 percent is based on the final selling price or the accepted offer minus a shipping fee of up to $10. For products valued at more than $500, however, there is a flat fee of $17.50 plus 1.5 percent fee of the FOV amount that exceeds $500.The low fees and extensive features are helping Bonanza earn a reputation for providing true competition to once-loyal eBay sellers.

    Figure 5-1: Selling on Bonanza.

  • Yardsellr (www.yardsellr.com): If you like the feel of a traditional ...

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