Executive Summary

In this report, we give business technology leaders a real-time view into where the blockchain industry currently stands. We cover the blockchain “story” to date, with snapshots of how the technology is currently being used and recommendations on how to prepare.

We’ve designed this report to be user friendly and readable, but we do assume a basic level of familiarity with blockchain technology. Those who are new to the subject might want to begin with our O’Reilly report What Is Blockchain? for an excellent introduction to this new discipline that sits at the intersection of finance and technology.

After reading this report, you’ll be able to discuss blockchain more confidently with your colleagues, understand how it might fit within your enterprise, and have a better sense of whether you’re too early, too late, or right on time.

Highlights of this report include the following:

Crypto Spring is here

As “Crypto Winter” is thawing into a new golden age of blockchain, leading financial and technology companies are investing heavily in this new Internet of Money (see Figure P-1).

Figure I 1. Top blockchain employers by job openings Magas  Julia.  Blockchain and Crypto Jobs Market  2018 Vs. 2019 by the Numbers.  Cointelegraph. Cointelegraph  August 15  2019.
Figure P-1. Top blockchain employers by job openings1
Bitcoin still leads the way

With more than two-thirds of the digital asset market, bitcoin continues to be a bellwether for the blockchain industry as a whole. Bitcoin and altcoins—currently a $300 billion market—continue to be ...

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