Chapter 5. Basic Models in SAS

  • 5.1 Overview of Modeling 156

  • 5.2 Linear Regression Models 156

  • 5.3 ANOVA Models.PROC GLM for a One-Way ANOVA 177

  • 5.4 ANOVA Models.PROC GLM for an ANOVA Model with Two or More Factors 188

  • 5.5 Summary 194

  • 5.6 References 194

  • 5.7 Exercises 194

Chapter 3 presented SAS procedures for generating summaries for categorical and numeric variables. Chapter 4 addressed customizing output and creating fancy tables. In this chapter, you learn how to specify and fit models for the relationship between variables. SAS procedures that study the relationship between a single continuous variable and other variables are described in this chapter. SAS procedures for linear regression are introduced for predicting a continuous response variable ...

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