Chapter 6

Understanding IMLPlus Classes


6.1   Overview of Understanding IMLPlus Classes

6.2   Object-Oriented Terminology

6.3   The DataObject Class

6.4   Base and Derived Classes

6.5   Creating a Graph

6.6   Creating Dynamically Linked Graphs

6.7   The Plot Class: A Base Class for Graphs

6.8   The Data Table Class

6.9   The DataView Class: A Base Class for Graphs and Data Tables

6.10   Passing Objects to IMLPlus Modules

6.11   Using a Base Class in a Module

6.1 Overview of Understanding IMLPlus Classes

This chapter describes how to programmatically create, manipulate, and modify the graphs and data tables that are available in SAS/IML Studio. Because the “Plus” portion of the IMLPlus language is object-oriented, the chapter begins ...

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