You Do It

  1. 29. Wine

    1. The data are numerical and labelled as a sample, but sampling procedure is not identified. Bottlers may only offer for testing exceptionally good choices. Other conditions seem okay, but this flaw in the sampling seems fatal.

    2. Software provided the analysis shown below. The interval includes zero, suggesting no statistically significantly difference in means.

      2001–2000, Allowing unequal variances
      Difference 0.6880
      Std Err Dif 0.7348
      95% CI − 0.8094 to 2.1854
    3. Type of wine grape, red or white, place of origin could differ.

    4. − 0.8 to 2.2

    5. Wines from the 2001 vintage score higher on average, but the difference is not statistically significant. Even so, unless there's a reason to stay with 2000, pick a 2001 vintage. ...

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