24. Outlook for the Strategist

Toward Strategic Resilience: Learning from Strategic Novelty (or What Is About to Leap at You)

“Everybody always wants to know what’s next. I always say that what I can imagine is rather dull. What I can’t imagine is what excites me.”

—Arthur Schawlow, Stanford physicist and Nobel Laureate1

1A History of the OTL. Stanford University. http://otl.stanford.edu/about/about_history.html.

Strategists beware. In 2 years, this book and the world will look different. Some of the outliers here may have fallen by the wayside. Some might turn into incumbents (i.e., the major firms in their industry or form entirely new sectors). Take this book as a guide by which to sample strategic novelty—novelty that will keep on reinventing ...

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