Chapter 8. Extend JSP with JavaBeans


This chapter covers the following Sun-specified objectives for Section 10, “Designing and Developing JSP pages Using JavaBean Components,” of the Sun Certified Web Component Developer For J2EE Platform exam:

  • 10.1 For any of the following tag functions, match the correctly constructed tag, with attributes and values as appropriate, with the corresponding description of the tag's functionality:

    • Declare the use of a JavaBean component within the page.

    • Specify, for JSP:USEBEAN or JSP:GETPROPERTY tags, the name of an attribute.

    • Specify, for a JSP:USEBEAN tag, the class of the attribute.

    • Specify, for a JSP:USEBEAN tag, the scope of the attribute.

    • Access or mutate a property from a declared JavaBean.

    • Specify, for ...

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