5.8. Some major HTS AC cable projects

Major HTS AC cable projects, both in test labs and in grid, have been conducted throughout the world, as summarized in Table 5.1. We discuss next a few significant ones in more detail.

5.8.1. AEP Bixby project

A major in-grid HTS AC cable project funded by the USDOE under its SPI (Superconductivity Partnership Initiative) program was the HTS cable installation at American Electric Power's Bixby substation located in Columbus, OH, or AEP Bixby for short (Demko et al., 2007). The AEP Bixby project consisted of team members Ultera, which is a joint venture among the Southwire Company of Carrollton, Georgia, and nkt cables of Asanes, Denmark, Praxair, and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). The project built ...

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