Chapter 15

Building Supply Chain Analytics


Bullet Understanding the value of analytics

Bullet Planning analytics projects

Bullet Improving visibility with scorecards, dashboards, and control towers

Bullet Integrating analytics with scenario planning

The rapid advances in information and communications technologies over the past 50 years have led to an explosion of data — with a few keystrokes you can learn everything from how much stuff your customers are buying to what the weather will be like in Kokomo, Indiana, next week. Analytics is the key to making this data useful for your supply chain.

Supply chain analytics is the process of structuring and filtering data in ways that allow you to make better decisions and take action to improve your supply chain. Analytics helps you understand the past so that you can predict more accurately what will happen in the future. In other words, analytics can help you can make better decisions, with more confidence. Analytics is also leading to the automation of many manual processes.

In this chapter, you examine the technology trends that are making huge ...

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