Creating an Account

Suppose somebody new joins your little Mac family—a new worker, student, or love interest, for example. And you want to make that person feel at home on your Mac.

Begin by opening System Preferences (Chapter 17). In the System Preferences window, click Users & Groups. You have just arrived at the master control center for account creation and management (Figure 15-2).

To create a new account, start by unlocking the Users & Groups pane. That is, click the at lower left, and fill in your own account password.

Now you can click beneath the list of accounts. The little pane shown at bottom in Figure 15-2 appears.

Phase 1: Choose an Account Type

As though this business of accounts and passwords wasn’t complicated enough already, OS X offers several types of accounts. And you’re expected to specify which type each person gets at the moment you create an account.

To do that, open the New Account pop-up menu (Figure 15-2, bottom). Its five account types are described on the following pages.

Administrator accounts

If this is your own personal Mac, then just beneath your name on the Users & Groups pane of System Preferences, it probably says Admin. This, as you could probably guess, stands for Administrator.

Figure 15-2. Top: The screen lists everyone who has an account. From here, ...

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