The Unified Address/Search Bar

There are all kinds of ways to begin your web surfing session. Perform a search. Click a bookmark. On the following pages: a rundown of these starting points.

Often, of course, you’ll want to type in a web address; that’s the purpose of the address/search bar identified in Figure 12-1. In OS X, a single, unified box serves as both the address bar and the search bar.

If you type a web address there, like, then pressing Return takes you to that website; if you type anything else, like cashmere sweaters or just amazon, then pressing Return gives you the Google search results for that phrase, as described next.

A few important buttons come installed on the toolbar:

  • Back, Forward. Click the Back button () to revisit the page you were just on. Keyboard shortcut: Delete, or ⌘-, or ⌘-[, or a two-finger swipe left on the trackpad. (On an Apple Mouse or older Mighty Mouse, that’s a one- finger swipe.)

    Once you’ve clicked , you can then click (or press ⌘-, or ⌘-], ...

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