Chapter 6System Engineering Program Planning

The first five chapters of this text have dealt with the system engineering process, the major steps in the process, and some of the available technologies and the tools that can be applied throughout. Given the definition of the process as a baseline, the remaining challenge lies with its implementation. The objective in Chapters 6, 7, and 8 is to respond to the requirements described throughout Chapters 1 through 5. In other words, the presumption in this text is that there is a firm system requirement first and then a planning, organization, and implementation program requirement in response (i.e., bringing the required system into being).1

To meet the objectives described herein requires the application of a combination of both technology and organization and management skills. Although it is essential that one completely understand the technical process and available tools, this will not guarantee success unless the proper organizational “environment” is created where the applicable management skills can be effectively implemented in fulfilling the stated goals. As shown in Figure 6.1 (and referring to Chapter 1, Section 1.5), there are technology-related activities and there are planning and organization activities that must be jointly applied throughout the top-down life-cycle process that has been the thrust in the earlier chapters.

Figure 6.1 Management and technology applied to the system engineering process.

The key ...

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