Chapter 6

Intelligent Transport Systems 1


6.1. The field of intelligent transport

6.1.1. ITS

The acronym ITS stands for intelligent transport systems. It can be used in two contexts. As ITS systems, the form most commonly used, it refers to the new transport products, services and systems which call on state-of-the-art technologies, notably in the field of computer sciences, communications and electronics, which are called “intelligent” because their essential functions are based on qualities generally associated with intelligence: sensory capacities, memory, communication, processing of information and adaptive behavior.

As ITS, the acronym refers to the intelligent transport system, in constant evolution, which integrates, on the technological level as well as the institutional, all the current means of transport of passengers and freights and regroups the new subsystems, products and services of intelligent transport.

6.1.2. The systems in use

Whether it is for the transportation of people or freights, many systems are in use.

The systems vary greatly: transport operation systems, toll systems, traveler information systems, law enforcement systems, systems for the sharing of information and cooperation between operators, etc.

The passengers or the freight are, by definition, the central data of the various systems.

The traveler unknowingly follows all the concepts exploited by ITS systems, such as multimodality, interoperability and other new information and communication ...

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